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Is This How You Feel When Getting In and Out of Your Bath Tub?

 "Just wanted to let you know that I love the new tub!  It's 200 times better than I ever imagined!  Very relaxing and therapeutic and I couldn't be happier!  Perfect size for my needs and the space available.  Thanks again, and I have been and will continue to recommend Walk-in Tubs of Wisconsin!"  -Tammy

Let us help you select the option that meets your needs and makes economic sense.

A walk-in tub is perfect for you if you want to benefit from hydrotherapy or just enjoy a relaxing soak.             LEARN MORE 
If you like to, or need to, take a shower, then a barrier-free/roll-in shower should be your choice.  LEARN MORE

Have you received a price quote for a walk-in tub in the past, but didn't make a purchase?  Our pricing for an installed tub is generally 25% to 30% less than nationally advertised brands.  

Please call us today.        262-443-3950

DON'T WAIT FOR A FALL TO OCCUR.  CALL TODAY FOR A NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION.  Whether it's a Walk-In Tub, Barrier-Free Shower, or just a few well-placed grab bars, WE'RE HERE TO HELP YOU.

Do you prefer a shower, and want a budget friendly option?  The Easy Bath Step tub insert will meet your needs.     LEARN MORE

Maybe you need just a few well placed grab bars.          LEARN MORE

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