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Below is a typical before/after installation.  This was installed in one day. 


Size:  Your walk-in tub is designed to fit it the space of your existing tub.  Because it is one piece, the size is primarily determined by the openings and route to your bathroom.

Price:  You should be skeptical of companies that won't provide pricing over the telephone.  Salesmen from these companies want to get into your home and do a "hard sell" with a goal of getting the highest price they can.  Many will start as high as $20,000 for the tub and installation and provide "special discounts" to get you to a "buy today" price.  Be prepared for a long sales pitch.  Walk-In Tubs Of Wisconsin will meet with you to get the necessary measurements and provide a firm quote.  Barring unique circumstances you can expect to pay ~$6900 for an installed soaker tub, and ~$9900 for a jetted tub.

How Long...?:  Dependent on your existing plumbing, you can expect your tub to fill in 2 to 8 minutes, and drain in 3 to five minutes. 

Water Heater:  A 40 gallon water heater should be sufficient for a standard sized walk-in tub.

Door:  The door swings inward on standard tubs.  There is a model with an outward swinging door to facilitate transfer from a wheel chair.  And, no, they don't leak.  There is a lifetime warranty on the door seal.

Thousands of people just like you will be replacing their old tub with a Walk-In Bath or Shower.  Now you should too.  Safety & Independence.  Walk-In Tubs Of Wisconsin is your in-home solution.

Today's Seniors want to stay in their homes as long as possible.  With the high cost of out-of-home care this makes more and more financial sense.

Seniors want comfort, freedom, privacy, and, most importantly, their independence. 

A Walk-In Bathtub can be a primary source of this independence.

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