Roger's disabled daughter had difficulty getting in and out of the bath tub to take a shower. Roger's other daughter and grandchildren enjoy taking a bath. A large walk-in tub company quoted over $16,000 for the installation of their tub. We met with Roger and discussed his needs and presented him with a variety of options. We were able to provide a solution at one-third the price of the competitor's tub.


"Walk-In Tubs Of Wisconsin saved me thousands of dollars compared to nationally advertised brands. They presented options that met my needs and stayed within my budget. You have to talk with them."


Kathleen's husband has arthritis that makes it very painful to get in and out of his tub. In less than 3 hours Walk-In Tubs of Wisconsin was able to install a solution that made life easier, safer, and more comfortable.

Thanks to Walk-In Tubs Of Wisconsin, increased access means "not being somebody's burden – doing something on your own."


Diane lives alone and has a fear of falling. The Whisper Spa walk-in bathtub was the perfect solution. Not only did it reduce her potential of falling, but now she enjoys all the relaxing benefits of hydrotherapy as well.

"The Walk-In Tubs Of Wisconsin installation team was great. They were on-time, explained what they were doing, and left my bathroom cleaner than when they started."


Denny has had bad knees for years, and couldn't get in and out of his tub without having to grab and lift his leg over the threshold.

"My parents took sponge baths for years because they couldn't get in and out of the bathtub. I found out there's a lot of seniors, my age and older, who can't get in and out of the bathtub. Walk-In Tubs Of Wisconsin's objective is to help you stay in your home as long as possible."


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